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PALO ALTO coffee is a single estate grown coffee from the fincas of the Tedman and MacIntyre families of Boquete, Panama.  These two families are two of the pioneering families of Bouquete, Panama.  Frank Tedman established himself in the Boquete valley in 1895 and was joined by Alexander Duncan Macintyre in 1925.

This is an example of one of the fine specialty, single estate coffees produced in the Bouquet valley.  Three generations of these two families have worked together to produce this deliciously bright, mountain grown arabica coffee.

Grown at an altitude of over 4,000’ in the fine volcanic soil of Volcan Baru, the highest mountain in Panama at 11,398’.  Many micro climates have been formed on and around the mountain each producing delightful and aromatic coffee in small quantities.

The production of Bouquet coffee is a slow, manually performed process taking many months to produce the fine coffee offered here.  The beans are picked one bean at a time by Ngobe Indigenous families over a two or three week period of time before being pulped to remove the husk and then inspected, sorted, and graded.  They are then sun dried and then aged in burlap sacks for six months or more.  When ready the last layer of parchment is removed from the beans usually by a large morter and pestle.  Only then can the beans be roasted in small batches to insure the best quality and aroma of the finished bean.

While this process is slow and expensive, it is this exacting process that makes Palo Alto coffee so special.  Use the best beans to create a superior product.  Don’t burn the beans!  Let the coffee shine through the roasting process.

When bagged either as whole bean or ground coffee the bags are vacuum sealed for shipment.  We recommend the whole bean bags as the coffee stays fresh for over a year and can be ground as desired.

We have been honored by the MacIntyre family to represent them as importers into the USA.  We do not take this responsibility lightly and guarantee your satisfaction in this superior coffee.

Single bags of 425 grams can be shipped direct to you for $14.95 including postage.  We have many coffee lovers who have us ship them a bag a month on a continuing basis.  Let us know if you would like for us to put you on our ‘one a month plan’.  If larger quantities are desired we can ship 12 bag boxes for $165 including postage.  This represents a large savings to you.

We welcome you to try this specialty coffee from one of the worlds finest coffee growing regions.  If you like fine coffee then you will love Cafe’ Palo Alto

We package coffee in 212 gram bags, 425 gram bags and 5 lb bags for our wholesale purchasers.  Please let us know the size bag you would like for us to ship to you.

We guarantee your satisfaction.  Our coffee is not burnt, bitter or acidic!